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Toilets get old and need to be replaced and, if that is the case, there is no time to waste. You don’t want to use an old toilet any longer than you need to. You may also just want a cosmetic upgrade and are updating your bathroom. No matter the reason for your toilet installation, we can help.

Old toilets can become stuck in place and some of the newer ones can require fancy plumbing or different hookups. We have the experience and tools to switch one toilet for almost any other, and we can also move drainage and water lines if needed.

If you live in the Stockton area and need any toilet repairs or installations, calls the plumbers that you can trust.

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How To Avoid Clogging Your Toilet

  • Waste Products: Don’t flush anything down the toilet that you should not. Toilets can easily handle toilet paper because it breaks apart easily but they do not do as well with other waste, such as floss, sanitary products, and paper towels. Keep a bin handy for most waste and only flush toilet paper.
  • Cleaners: Harsh chemical cleaners can wear away at your plumbing and this can cause clogging but will more likely cause leaks, and no one wants to have toilet water leaking into their home. For natural cleaning, you can use baking soda and vinegar.
  • Inspect: If you inspect your toilet regularly, you are less likely to run into problems. If you notice that the water is not flushing as quickly as it should of if the water in the bowl is not filling correctly, there could be a blockage. Calling a plumber sooner will make for an easier fix.
  • Water: Using the right amount of water in each flush will ensure that all waste is expelled from the pipes. If you use too little to save money (even if it is better for the environment), you will have more chance of clogging.
  • Plunger: Invest in the right plunger for your toilet. The plunger that is seen everywhere is usually a sink plunger, so make sure to look for a toilet plunger that will help you to clear any smaller clogs before the drains get really blocked.

Considering Other Plumbers? Think Again...

Stockton's Toilet Installation Experts

When it comes to toilet installation, we are Stockton’s experts. Not only do we have professional plumbers on our team who know what they are doing but, as a business, we bring years of experience, the best plumbing tools, and the know-how to solve any plumbing problem.

Toilet installation is usually a smooth procedure, but there can be problems and we always have complete transparency when that happens. Often, you cannot see a problem until the old toilet is removed, but we will alert you to the problem and consult with you before we move forward with any repairs.

If you are looking for a new toilet, we can help you with that too. We know where to source the best toilets at the best prices and can include that in a toilet installation package. For all of your needs, trust the local experts.


Most frequent questions and answers
Check inside the cistern to make sure that everything is connected and nothing is broken. You should also check the water level in the tank to make sure that it is not set too low. If that is not the case, check for any blockages in any part of your toilet, and give us a call if the problem cannot be fixed.
The most common problem is not having enough water in the tank. Have a look inside and, if you can, change the setting so that the tank is filled fuller. While you are doing that, check the flange to ensure that there are no leaks. If everything looks fine, check the holes where the water comes out to make sure that there are no mineral build-ups that could limit water flow.
If your toilet is old, cracked, leaking, dirty, or does not work as it should, then it may be time for a replacement. Fixing common problems can be easy, but there are some that cannot be easily fixed. If you are not sure whether you should replace your toilet or not, give us a call to do some troubleshooting.
The main reason for a running toilet is the flapper in the tank. Check the flapper to make sure that it is not damaged and that it is closing properly after flushing. Check the water overflow too. If the water is not being shut off when the tank is full, you may need to shorten the refill tube. You can tackle these or give us a call for some help.

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